Better knowing the use of your installed products

How to identify the use of the products
and solutions installed at our clients


We are a manufacturer of equipment for the international petrochemical and energy markets. As part of the development of our service offer, we wanted to evolve our products by equipping them with sensors and a collection system to analyze the conditions of use.

We see in this future offer the possibility to:

  • Improve our service offering,
  • Support our design office to adjust the dimensioning according to the use,
  • Have details on the use of our products in case of dispute.

The problem

Find a partner with operational knowledge that can accompany us from the definition of the project to the deployment of our equipment.

Eyxance Intervention

Eyxance has provided support during the definition phase of the specifications and the project management in conjunction with the laboratories in charge of the prototype.

Eyxance ensured the integration of the solutions within an IoT platform in compliance with the Cyber Security requirements related to the OIV zones. The company has provided a set of tools to analyze and visualize monitoring indicators.

Finally, Eyxance carried out the study of industrialization of electronic products from prototypes carried out by laboratories in order to integrate its products in the first stage


Today, thanks to Eyxance and its support of the initial phase of the project, we have improved our logistics and operational efficiency by deploying a reliable system for data collection and equipment monitoring.

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