Data and uses

Our team, thanks to the knowledge of the client’s job and understanding of its activity and issues, creates appropriate tools designed to allow efficient use and analysis of the produced or connected data.

Eyxance achieves this through its skills acquired over more than 12 years, both in terms of technologies and their uses, as well as in the areas of exploitation and understanding of business issues.

For this, we intervene in the following areas:


  • Assistance for project management
  • User experience (UX)
  • Co-design of valuation tools
  • New services tailored to the customer’s business


  • Project follow-up and project management
  • Setting up management platforms and remote access to your connected objects
  • Implementation of business intelligence and data visualization tools
  • Creating powerful and evolving dashboards
  • Development of multi-screen interfaces


  • Production of reporting on behalf of our clients who do not have a data analysis service
  • Implementation of data visualization and definition of KPI
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