Federating energy control tools

Federating energy control, installation park monitoring, contractual monitoring and interface for my clients


We are a supplier of renewable energy and we wish to deploy an offer of energy supply in solar self-consumption.

As part of our studies, we have identified the value of coupling solar autoconsumption with other functionalities to achieve an interesting financial balance.

These features are:

  • Carrying out energy efficiency actions on equipment in place,
  • Have the possibility to carry out erasure,
  • Manage load shedding scenarios based on solar production.

The problem

There was no suitable solution on the market that could meet this level of integration in a single product including the contractual part and provision of information to our customers.

Eyxance intervention

Eyxance provided support during the definition phase of the specifications and the selection of the technologies to be deployed.
The Eyxance team has developed the necessary tools based on technologies and solutions of the market. The Eyxance team and its energy modeling partner have deployed energy optimization algorithms.

Eyxance also piloted the deployment of the solution thanks to their knowledge of the field and is now accompanying us in the analysis of the first results.


Eyxance was able to accompany us at the start of the project and ensured the deployment of a qualified solution.

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