Integration of IoT solutions for building

From ready to apply to customized, from the unique work to the major series … our ambition is to offer you a key-in-hand project integrating all the components necessary to the evolution of technologies:

  • Change management
  • Integration according to user and user vision
  • Approach according to the 5 keys of development by digital (FIDSU – Field, Infrastructure, Data, Scientist, Users)
  • Product design and communication support (Totem, Tablets, Smartphone, Web, …)
  • Process modeling, use and optimization scenarios
  • Integration with your business tools (ERP, CRM, …)
  • Industrialization of your solution
  • Development of IoT solutions
  • Systems Integration
  • Deployment of local, decentralized and cloud infrastructures
  • Collection, qualification and security of systems and their data

At the same time, and because technologies are constantly changing, we make it a point of honor to change the management of your equipment and installations.

  • Obsolete systems
  • Owner lock
  • Process reliability
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