The company

Established in 2009, initially under the name of Bacworks, to meet the need for independent expertise in the field of RCM and energy efficiency in French-speaking Switzerland, Eyxance has evolved throughout its existence to become a provider of digital services and technologies specializing in construction, energy, infrastructure and industry.

For 8 years, Eyxance has mastered its expertise on IoT and its knowledge of technologies and innovations to enable you to transform your business without losing sight of your core activity.


Our goals

Through the deployment of IoT projects, we are working on different areas (from Energy to Environment, from Social to Operational) to respond to the digitization of the Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Grid and Industry 4.0 sectors.


Improvement by digital


From uses to digital solutions

Located at the intersection of technology and usage, our mission is to bring innovative and differentiating solutions centered on the user, managing for him the technical complexity of the projects and accompanying him in learning new digital tools.

Eyxance responds to the Swiss, European and international market by using an innovative approach combining usage, design, technology and service, with the aim of bringing new and evolving solutions to the business community and to perpetuate their digital transition all along the value chain.


Eyxance, from technology to use


The Team

Supported by multidisciplinary teams located mainly in Switzerland, Eyxance meets the needs of its clients by drawing on the skills of each of its employees.

Photo de Sylvain BRAINE - Chief Executive Officer

Sylvain BRAINE
Chief Executive Officer

Photo de Rocco TRIPODI - Chief Commercial officer

Chief Commercial officer

Photo de Sarah BRAINE - Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer

Photo d'Ismaïl SDIRI - Chief Product Officer

Ismaïl SDIRI
Chief Product Officer

Growth and development

Eyxance is the product of an engineering group existing for more than 12 years now and present in French-speaking Switzerland, through Bacworks sàrl, since 2009.

Based on our experience and expertise in the field of IoT and our field knowledge, technologies and innovations, acquired during all these years, and in order to respond to new market requirements, we decided to give life to the Eyxance project within the Swiss Confederation to actively participate in innovation in a country that is internationally recognized for its excellence.

We also have strong ambitions to deploy Eyxance internationally. To do this, we plan to set up our future operations in our neighboring countries and in North Africa to market locally the specialties developed by Eyxance in Switzerland.

International development of Eyxance

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